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August 2011 - PCF BOAT

The Padua Charitable Fund has recently purchased a boat ("bangka") for a small fishing village in Ternate, Cavite. This help is needed by the local community since many of their boats were lost during a heavy typhoon in 2009, robbing the families of their livelihood and ease of travel. Without a boat the children of the community have to walk an hour to school!

The boat has been named "IMOGEN ASIA" after PCF's youngest donor for the project - Imogen Asia Tooth, 9 years old. The Imogen Asia boat will allow for many of the young children to be taken to their local school. The boat will also help the fishermen and families re-coup their livelihood.

The new boat recently underwent refurbishing and repainting, and is expected to be launched out to sea after the current typhoons.

Additionally, much needed schooling supplies have been given to the school of the children who will be using the boat. Many thanks to "Nanny" Conching for donating these goods (above).

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