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September 2011 - New Zealand Writer

By PCF Co-founder Isabel Padua Grant

In October of last year, I (via this website) received an email from a New Zealand writer, Wheldon Curzon-Hobson, who was planning a trip to the Philippines, the country he chose to be the basis of his e-book about the good that people do in the world, his argument being that enough is written about the bad that folks do. I met up with Wheldon in the Philippines, took him to Villa Paraiso housing site, in Paranaque. In comparison, the slums around Villa Paraiso were "tamed" when I learned later Wheldon made solo trips by public transport to depths of the worst slums in Manila. His two-week Manila experience resulted in two e-books entitled "Inspired by Manila", as well as a profound appreciation of the generous Filipino spirit and many lasting friendships.

Wheldon takes a tricycle around Manila (left) and "Inspired By Manila" e-book (right).

Wheldon didn't stop with his books, felt he needed to do more for the Philippines and came up with the idea of community sustainability through business prospects, i.e. helping both entrepreneur and community progress by marketing their products in New Zealand. He emailed everyone, "I started this project with the hope that I will be able to sell everyday products and gifts to New Zealanders to help poor Filipino communities become economically self-sustainable. I am truly overwhelmed that thanks to you all we can achieve that goal in the near future."

Ever hopeful and positive, Wheldon's wonderful project to market Philippine products in New Zealand includes:

  1. Chemlux - assisting a GK site in Eldorado with their cleaning products.
  2. Human Nature - Philippine-sourced ingredients for GK organic beauty and body products (above left)
  3. Philippine Christian Foundation - recycled jewelry, bags from the Tondo Dumpsite (above right - Cola can openers made in to bracelets)
  4. Mangyan Handicrafts - a community in Mindoro making pots, bowls, various utensils (above middle)
  5. Airlift Asia Inc - warehousing and freight

One thing I am thankful to the internet for - I meet the most amazing people ever!

"Inspired by Manila" by Wheldon Curzon-Hobson has been downloaded in over 100 countries! Wheldon's FREE e-book downloads on Manila are available here:

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