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September 2011 - Guest Teacher Workshop

The first PCF Celebrity Guest Teacher Workshop was held on Sunday 21st August at GK's AAI Eldorado village, Paranaque, Manila. All were thrilled to welcome Guro Victor Gendrano Jr, an American-Filipino instructor from the world renowned Inosanto Academy in Los Angeles. Guro Victor, who has worked on several Hollywood films, was kindly offering a complimentary Filipino Martial Heritage seminar during his visit to the Philippines.

Guro Victor instructs the first PCF Celebrity Guest Teacher Workshop.

Guro Victor delivered an inspiring talk, taught and demonstrated for all who attended. He was joined by special martial artist Juan Ignacio Casas and Jay Ignacio, director and producer of the highly-anticipated Filipino documentary The Bladed Hand. Human Nature founders Anna Meloto-Wilk and Dylan Wilk also graced the day with their warm presence. After the workshop PCF scholarship prizes were awarded and everyone enjoyed plenty of good food courtesy of the Padua Charitable Fund.

Children enjoy their first Filipinio Martial Arts learning experience.

The PCF plans to organize more Celebrity Guest Teacher Workshops at GK villages in the Philippines, with ballet and soccer camps already in the offing. These workshops offer children, as well as adults, a first-time opportunity to see and experience different arts and sports - teaching them to work as a team, helping to express themselves by exploring their creative side. Events like this are a wonderful way to unite and nurture a community, while celebrating the success of a specially invited Filipino (or otherwise) professional who generously imparts their valuable expertise.

Guro Vic, Anna, Dylan Wilk and family (left).
Jhun Agang receives the Padua scholarship award (right).

If you, or anyone you know, is skilled in teaching a sport or art to children and will be visiting the Philippines, please get in touch if you would like to get involved.

Photos courtesy of Kent Vives

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